THE MATH: (Moon + Aquarius) SQUARE ((Uranus + Taurus) SEXTILE (Pallas Athene + Pisces)) = Move your Queen


Lunita and U pop popcorn,

and delight, as shit goes down,

between Love and Time;

between Being and Non-Being.
Suddenly, there is a commercial

to place our bets.
What do you think
will happen next?"

"Why guess at all
when Athena holds
the web, Uranus?"

"Good point, Moonie.
Shall we test her?"

"Ya, call the witch."

Uranus e-mails Athena

a replay of the movies…

tell me what you 
see.  Weave
together the pattern
to be.

Love, U

Athena calls back..

"Hey U, 

It seems like
the Earthlings came
into contact, with
their Lover-Nemeses,
last night."

"So what 
does it mean, Athena?"

"It is different,
for all Beings,
but it has to do
with making a choice
you can get all parts
of yourself, on board

"So how would you move?"

"I would move one dark
square, back."

"But that is boring."

"It does not 
have to be."

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