THE MATH: (Lilith + Gemini) INCONJUNCT (Venus + Scorpio) = (Love + Death + Windows)


Lilith holds a dying bird,

and speaks…

"There is a specific thud
made, when a bird hits
a window pane.  I know it

by heart.  I rush
out, to find
what my home has caused

injury to.  If a bird 
does not die, from impact,
it can die from shock.

Frozen there, it lays
until it shakes it off,
or is eaten, by some-being

else.  IF you pick it up
you may not make anyone feel 
better, except for yourself,

but you can place it, in
the safety of a shady
bush, and hope,

or you can hold it
in your palms, with loving
intentions.  Quality

of touch matters.  Beings
know, when you touch them
with care, or without it.

But if the bird is meant
to die, it dies.  Being
with the bird is something

 I do for myself;  
I choose to be with Life, 
as it does, or does not
cross the threshold, 
because I heard the threshold
arrive, and I will

not pretend, it isn't Here."

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