THE MATH: (Venus + Scorpio) INCONJUNCT (Ceres + Gemini) = A Familiar Feeling


Persephone and Demeter

meet for coffee but,

they do not, typically,

understand each-other…

" I think I might
 have met a fresh familiar, 
Mother,"  Persephone says.

"What do you mean
you think, Persephone?"

"I mean, Demeter, I was thinking,
I would befriend a cat,
if one showed up, in
my yard, and then
a cat showed up
in my yard
trying to hop
over the Well."

"Did you claim it, daughter?"

"LOL.  No.  I opened
the garden door,
so she could get out,
and I laid down
in the grass.  She came
and rolled, belly up,
next to me, kneading
her paws into my knees,
as I curled myself
around her."

"So you are not
keeping her?"

"I felt the ache
to own, as people do
but no, I do not
  take prisoners. 
I just want her
to know she is
welcome here, and
we will see
what happens."

"You're fucking weird."

"Yes, you always make that
clear, Mother."

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