THE MATH: (Mercury + Libra) SQUARE (Pluto + Capricorn) = Cross Purposes


Persephone and Minthe

lean over the counter, watching

a portly Greek fellow, set up

shop, at the market.
Persephone pops her gum,
"So, where do you think
George lives, in the Pantheon,
Minthe?  He reminds me
of Bacchus."

"-Or that guy, dancing
 with the sexy centaur 
babes, in Fantasia."

"Right, he's Dionysus, 
drinking from the 
never-ending wine-sack."

"So does that make us
the sexy centaurs,
Georgie is playing with?"

"LOL.  Sure, Minthe, if chasing
is considered playing, I guess."

"Yesterday, unprovoked,
he showed me 
his bank account."

Persephone laughs, 
"Today, he told me,
he suggested his AFAB
employee, wear a bikini,
to Apple Fest."

"What did you say to him?"

"I spoke in BRAT, because
it seemed like a language
we could communicate in.
I told him, 'I will be
going as an Apple, myself-
maybe a Granny Smith.'"

"Could he hear 
the boundary, Persephone?"

"Oh yes, he volleyed back
in DADDY, grinning.
'Yes, I know you, 
you are sour and sweet, uh?'  
I smiled, 'I'm glad
you picked up on that.'
He knows for certain, now, 
I am a cat human."

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