THE MATH: ((Mercury + Libra) TRINE (Jupiter Rx + Aquarius)) SQUARE (Pluto + Capricorn) = Strategic Ritual


Jupiter picks up the phone…

"Mercury, why
are you calling me?"

"Because, I am fucking
 shit up, Jupiter, 
and you are the only 
one I AM 
in a harmonic 
relationship with."

"Sounds like you
are really burning 
bridges, since you left
the Library, kid."

"One must learn how
to re-human after one
leaves intense introspection
and isolation, integrating
the treasures and the trolls 
found there."


"So what advice do you
have, for a catty bitch?"

"I think you are
on the right track."

"And how is that?"

"Caroline Casey
is a Visionary
Activist Astrologer,
and she would say, 'If
you have a problem,
make it BIGGER.'
As a Being of Magnification
myself, I must say
I agree with her."


"She would also say,
'What we ritualize,
we need not literalize.'"

"What's your point, Big Guy?"

"You know I love,
a theatrical performance.
I believe All 
the World is a Story-Teller.
A container is all
you really need.  Create
a vacuum, and you explode
in safety.  Play it
out, in the courtrooms
of ritual, and it alters
the external, energetically."

"So it's kind of like
the idea that we worship
what we give our attention to."

"Yes, and as Lao Tzu 
would say, 'Ritual
is the husk of true 
faith.  The beginning
of Chaos.'  So stall out,
little Merc, within
the Chaos of this world,
and make ritual."

"But how do I do that?"

"That's all the free
whimsy I have for today,
go ask Vesta, about that."

Mercury calls Vesta,

as she sinks into Scorpio…

"Vesta, how
do you make ritual?"

"Aren't there at least
a million books in the Library
for that, Mercury?"

"Yes, but, how
do I make it
AUTHENTIC, to me?"

"Okay, you really want
to know the secret?"

"YES, Vesta, desperately."

"Don't be desperate, Mercury,
that's a cover emotion, sink
down into the depths
of despair, you will arrive 
to Chaos with more care, and
that's where Faith begins."

"Okay fine.  So, despairingly,
I ask you, Priestess, tell me

"Alright, are you ready 
for this?"


"It is sacred
if you believe
it is sacred."

"What?  That's fucking

"Anger is a symptom of Fear."

"Fuck you, Vesta."

"Why are you scared?"

"Not Everything is sacred."

"Even Nothing is sacred, Mercury."

"No it isn't."

"I guess not, if that is
a core belief you have.
What would you be giving up
if Everything were sacred?"

"What do you mean?"

"The assertion that Everything is
sacred, is making you feel defensive.
What is it you are defending?
That only what you believe is
sacred, or Nothing could ever
possibly be?  That there is 
only one Way
to see?"

"If Everything is sacred
how can what I hold sacred
have meaning?"

"Because you believe it
into being, and it becomes
the husk of the Faith
you peel back from yourself-
like the layers
of the artichoke;
like a chick, popping out
of a shell.  It is for you, 

"I don't get it."

"It requires experimentation,
and devotion.  Devote yourself
to a symbol, and see what happens.
Eventually, you wrap yourself up
in a little cocoon, transmute, 
and bust out, into Moonlight,
like the moths do."

"But Lilith did that
and it nearly destroyed her."

"Lilith is more herself
than ever, and that requires
holding the awareness
of the pleasure and the pain
of the rituals
that got her there."

"So choose a symbol."

"-and give it meaning."

"But why do I have to
give it meaning myself?
Isn't there someone else
who can do that, for me?"

"No, Mercury.
Go back, and listen 
to your own voicemail 
"But what does the husk
of ritual look like,
 to you, Vesta?"

"It looks like Faith
in mySelves, Mercury."

"What the fuck
does that look like?"

"In a nutshell,
here's an image..."

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