THE MATH: (Venus + Scorpio) OPPOSITE (Uranus + Taurus) = Fate vs. Destiny


Early in the morning

Venus climbs into bed

with Uranus…

"Does synchronicity surprise 
you, anymore, Uranus?"

"No, it's how I keep mySelf
close to the Center."

"What do you mean?"

"If synchronicity is
not happening, I have strayed
too far, from my own navigation."

"So, it's like your compass."

"The Universe is
a flirt, Venus."

"Like you, Uranus?"

"Like me.  Synchronicity
is how the Universe flirts,
but it is neither 
benevolent, nor malevolent.
If you pay attention to it,
you learn about what you are
attracting.  We are 
digesting the past and future,

"What do you mean, Uranus?"

"Well, for example, I 
tend to attract men
 who think I am magickal, 
 and simultaneously, resent me."

"Ohh, so that's why
you and Saturn have a thing."

"Yeah, he can't keep
his mind off me.
I used to like it, but
Now I'd rather he just 
let me be."

"I get that.  It's annoying
to be chased, when you are 
just trying to breathe.  I told him 
to fuck off last week."

"The Universe throws them
at me, and dares me
to resolve the dynamic, internally,
making intuitive choices
for myself.  It is 
the difference
between Fate and Destiny."

"I just talked to Fate, 
yesterday.  There is no 

"Haven't you ever met 
her sister? Fate
is familiar bullshit you keep
doing, because you are choosing
not to break free, conscious
or unconsciously.  But
DESTINY is a never-ending
Mystery you walk towards,
like a North you never
fully reach.  If you go
that direction, you release
yourself.  Life starts unfolding,
rather than being something
you grasp at due to familiarity,
or what you anxiously think 
you want, or need."

"How does one start 
down that path?"

"You make peace with the fact
your childhood is not 
coming back.  And you start
playing with what is 
available to you presently."

"What do you desire
from Life, Uranus?"

"I like to write ecstatic
symphonies, but I let
each one arrive to me,
and that seems to be 
enough, currently."

Venus snuggles up to Uranus,
pushing her nose, into his neck,
"Will you tell me 
a story, about the North
Node, and Destiny?"

He wraps his arms
around her, as he lays
on his back, "Of course
I will, Venus."

Uranus tells Venus a story

as she falls back to sleep…

"I found the dog, because I ran, 
out of the barn, where I was mucking
stalls, to follow his barks 
around the pond, behind the shed,
into the Northern corner,

hopping the wire fence
into a wood I do not know.
I kept running North, until 
I couldn't run, or hear him, 
anymore. I doubted myself,

and searched for new 
markers to belay myself to.
I asked myself to remember
dead trees, and which side
of them I was running

towards.  You cannot find
if you are scared of being
lost.  I closed my eyes
and asked, the same Way
I ask the cards, when

to choose.  Panting I listened
as a tug on my mind opened
my eyes toward the end
of a stone wall, made
of boulders that were

bigger than I had 
ever seen make any wall,
in my Home-Woods.  I marveled
at them, and how they must 
have been moved together.

I rested there, with my hands
on these relics, and then
I saw the wooden post,
stuck in the ground, marker
332 -Number of the Prophet

and the Priestess, indicating
an old gas line.  It felt 
like finding the lamppost
in Narnia.  Curiously,
I approached it, just as

his white head peaked
over the ridge, tail up
and nose down, trotting
towards this foreign monument, 
where we'd been moved 


…Venus dreams…

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