THE MATH: (Mercury + Libra) OPPOSITE (Eris + Aries) = Hi, I Love you <3


Eris casts a spell, out

to Mercury. “Here,” she says,

“A sweet, to get you through

the next few weeks…”

…Eris Casts…

I commit to the Beings
in bodies, who I want
to hug me.  I commit

to the ones I want
to touch.  I commit
to our edges, with gratitude

that we feel open
enough to find them,
and safe enough to continue

to stay; to hear and be heard.
These days, no one tells me
to go to my room, 

and come out When I am
ready to be a part of
the family.  Countless times

I split myself apart,
to be a part of
the family.  Each time

grating happens Now, 
I am amazed to be able 
to speak, and be

disagreed with, or
misunderstood, and met
with Love, and a desire

to find a mutual
place to stand;  Looking
for a place where orbs

tangent;  Not needing
to be right.  We do desire 
to keep each-other.  

To contain
a Love between us,
that has never left.

Yet it still hurts, to live
in a body that expects
so much rejection,

so much pain.  Each time,
I am surprised, when
we never even leave Love,

in the first place.
And that is When 
I realize, I have been
flinching.  My body is 
unlearning an expectation 
of pain. My mind is 

I can meet, 
and be met.

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