THE MATH: (Lilith + Gemini CONJUNCT Moon + Gemini) TRINE (Mars + Libra) = Court again


Lilith is called to the stand,

this Time, by the Cult of Adam.

She tries her best,

to pour honey on it.

Mars is playing judge again…

Ok, Lili," speaks Mars,
"Tell us, how you see it."

Lilith starts thinking out loud

as she inclines her head,

looking up into the corner,


"'Back into the fold.'
they tell me,
'You need to come back

into the fold,' And
it's not their fault
they do not know

how deep the fold is;
The gaping crevasse
I dug my Way

out of.  Arcadia,
yes, I am she,
and I was she before

he claimed me as golden,
and told me I am
rotten, and left me

to wilt, in silence.
Arcadia.  It is
a dead dream, 

that lives in other minds
now.  My darling girls,
what he whispers

never came true.
The fault lines belong
to both of us.  But 

the story is long, 
and the tale is winding.
The Way is covered

in wisteria, and honestly
I don't care anymore
if anyone believes

me.  I have lost
the Garden, more than
once already.

My center rests
within.  I know,
I am Arcadia.

So please,
Love me,
or let me be."

2013: Lilith writes

a Love poem,

for Adam…

Meet me in the Garden
where the Sun breaks
with the Earth,

and burst, with wild
orange shoots, that lift
the Air in mirth.

Seek me out in grass 
grown tall, that whispers,
close, and low.  

Amongst the murmurs, 
soft and slow, we'll hold, 
the pulsing glow.

Push into
the swelling breeze,
our Hearts catch

in the Light.
A million fractals
back to one.  In Love

we reunite.

Adam responds, with a Love song…

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