THE MATH: Mercury + Libra STATIONS Rx = Yesterday


Lilith gets her hair cut

by a straight white man

in his 40’s. He pauses

his thought, and takes a breath.
Lilith breaks into the conversation,
"Are you a Gemini?"

"Yes, what makes you
say that?"

"Well you mentioned
your ability to see many sides
of a situation, a capacity
to have the conversation,
without needing to come to
an agreement, and the desire
to speak honestly, which if you betray
creates internal indignation.
Collectively, we are moving through 
this theme, as the North 
Node passes through 
the realm of which you 
speak, and a desire 
for the Transparent 
Many Truths rises.
It is strong in those 
with Gemini placements."
"So, would you say
you run in circles
where everyone speaks
the same New Age

"I don't speak,
anybody's language, or run
in circles, anymore, but
I can speak to you,
our souls, like characters 
in scenes, if you like stories.
If you're a witch
the language is in felt
sensation, and magick.
If you're a scientist,
we might talk in chemistry,
electrons, and photon consciousness.
If you practice medicine
we can speak in cells, the muscles,
and neuro-transmitters.
If you're a musician
we can talk in chords,
harmony, dissonance, and rhythm.
If you're a maker, we can
talk in finding methods,
and the math of madness.
If you're an Absurdist,
we can talk in how the ideal 
Void might be in bed.
If you are brightly lit,
we speak on multiple
levels at the same time."

"Sounds sexy."

"I like to think
of it as COSMIC
LARPING.  With Astrology,
we can grab a hold
of our myths, and ride them
through the Universe."

"Do we have to?"

"No, you don't have to."

"But you're going to."

"I do."

"Why though?"

"For me, it is the Way
 that suits me."

Later, Persephone and Lilith

drink tea, and think

about belief…

 “Do you believe 
in Astrology, Lilith?”

“The first thing I was taught 
about Astrology is that, 
it is not something you need
to believe in.  That is
limiting language.  It is
a practice of movement
and noticing energy, and making
your own meaning.  Most
notably, you can ride
the waves coming and going.
You are rock-hopping.  
Your world will never fully meet 
another’s.  There is Nothing to do 
about that.  But it does give you 
a reference for finding self
-meaning and inter-connection. 
Once you become familiar with
your chart, you begin to see 
how you are woven into yourself, 
like protons, neutrons, 
and electrons.  You learn where 
you end, and other people begin.
Like any science, over time, 
meaning makes it’s own 
webs.  With someone 
who has not studied an ephemerus, 
there is no point in entering
by that Way, further 
than that. When you speak 
you will always sound 
like a drunken alien.”

“So you do not
believe in it, Lilith?”

“Belief is a trap, 
Persephone.  You will waste 
your whole life, arguing 
a belief, if you get too 
attached to the fear of being 
wrong.  Astrology is not that.  
It is a context of collective 
myths; a story to be read, 
and changed, like any other.
The most intriguing 
part of it, is when 
you can learn 
to use the electrons
as a magnet, and I 
prefer my life potent.”

“What do you mean?”

“Conduct your own experiments
with it, and you will 
no longer need belief.”

“And what’s the most useful part?”

“The most useful part of it is
understanding how a myth is
culturally embedded in the psychology 
of the collective, as it gets pinged 
and electrified, asking to be 
reshaped, by the subconscious Ocean.  
You can turn the story into something 
else, but first it needs to be brought 
forward, to the cusp of awareness, 
in enough minds, and targeted.
Personally, if I was a benevolent 
sociopath, I’d study Astrology, 
and use it to shape minds, 
in a direction worth 
the expedition.”

“You should tell Lucy that.”

“I just did.”

"He still reads your shit?"

"Yeah, I guess."

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