THE MATH: (Pallas Athene Rx + Pisces) TRINE (Moon + Cancer) SEXTILE (Uranus Rx + Taurus) = The Idiot’s Guide to Alchemy


Medusa finally finds

Athena’s house, and knocks

on the door. Athena opens up…

"What are you doing 
Here, Medusa?" Athena asks
as she opens it, just a crack.

"I am Here  for my revenge,
bitch," Medusa proclaims, as
she forces her Way through.

"Okay, well, make it quick,"
Athena asks as she looks
at her watch.  A Labyrinth

Priestess asked me to weave
portals for incoming initiates."
Medusa freezes, "How many?"

"Definitely 8," Athena shrugs, 
"Maybe 22."  Medusa's eyes
go wide, "Athena, are you

crazy?  The most you 
can make, is 7 in a moon 
cycle, you're pushing it."

"Well, I have 4 months, so
I guess I'd better get started,"
Athena grins, distantly.

"I thought you said,
you would never make
a Labyrinth again," Medusa snaps

her fingers in front of Athena's
face.  Athena comes back
to her body, "I did say that."

"You should think about it,"
Medusa advises.  "My body has
already said yes," Athena deflects.

Medusa crosses her arms,
"Historically speaking,  your body
is dis-regulated,

and causes you to do fucked up
shit, like kill innocent
nymphs, and put their heads on

amulets."  Athena stares at her,
blankly, "It's too late, Medusa,
the Labyrinths are Here.

They just need to find 
their Way into the 3D."
"You do realize, they use

your body and mind, to become
solidified?  You are not 
separate from them," Medusa pushes,

"Besides, you do not have 
your gear, or your laboratory,
with all your instruments. 

And even with all of that
you only made 55, 
in a year."

"I resent you throwing
only in there," Athena scowls,
"I have a sewing machine,

a good pair of scissors,
and a Goodwill down the street.
That's all I need."

"You could lose your mind,"
Medusa warns.  "The seasonal
descent has begun,

if I am going to go in,
it is the perfect
moment," Athena responds.

"You're mad," Medusa gives
up.  Athena nods,
"What do you know

about labyrinths, Medusa?"
"Well, the story says, I live
in one, and hunt men down.

Isn't a labyrinth
a maze?"  "No," Athena negates,
"That's a mis-

conception.  You cannot
get lost, in a meditative
labyrinth, although 

sometimes it is dark
and you might feel like it."
"What do you mean?"

"There is one Way
in, and one Way out,"
Athena explains

"What's your point?"
Medusa wonders.  Athena sighs,
"This priestess is a marker

of my entrance.  I am
almost out, of my Labyrinth."
"See what I mean Athena,"

Medusa's brow furrows,
"You are already speaking
in riddles."

"One of the first labyrinths 
I made, I gave to her,
in trade, Here in this metropolis,

before I started
walking further into my own
center-point.  I will weave
for these initiates,
finding their Way in
as I find my Way out.

We will play
Leap Frog," Athena proclaims,
with her hands on her hips.

"But you don't have Neptune,
this time."  Medusa pulls out
her final card.

"And I did not 
have him, when I began,"
Athena cuts,

"You underestimate me,
Medusa.  The weave
has always been mine,

not his."  "He's going to feel
left out," Medusa says.
"There are other fish in his Sea."

"My concern is the Alchemy,"
Medusa arrives to the root.
"What do you mean?" Athena furrows.

"Athena, honestly,
have you forgotten

Medusa reads aloud,

to Athena, from Athena’s

Idiot’s Guide to Alchemy…

In the Age of Air, please 
know, you play with Fire.
You can figuratively Fire off, 
words, images, and symbols,
at will, into the Ethers,
and there is pretty much 0 
chance, it will not be 

Magick is a corpse, without
a witness, of which you are
always the first.  The larger
the witness group, the more
space you will need
to figuratively figure into
your container; the Space
you hold.

When you open up the portal,
to make something sacred
in real time, to a large 
group of people, try not 
to be an asshole.  There is
a price you pay for Alchemy,
which is self transformation.
If you aren't changing

you probably aren't doing it.
If you are changing, 
you might be an asshole, 
as your turn the soil 
of your soul, and the shadow 
rises up.  My sister 
says, after giving birth, 
you have trouble remembering

all the pain.  Birthing
a sacred object, such as
a child, is like that.
You forget, how you are 
challenged to show up, and 
hold space for the holy
you have chosen to witness
come alive.  Every birth is

different.  Some are more
graceful than others.  When you 
make a sacred object, and 
open space, for others 
to transform themselves as well,
take that shit seriously.
What is going on out there,
within your container, must
be funneled, through you,
and the object you create.
In my excitement to create
meaningful objects, I always
forget about the birth canal,
and that I might need to give
my ribs, to pass through it.
If you ever decided

to experiment in creating 
alchemical objects, please 
remember, what you name things
matters.  If you open
a Midheaven, for people
to pour in their intentions,
don't be an asshole,
and forget to close the portal,

or you might melt to goo.

Athena thinks for a long

moment, after Medusa

stops reading..

"Good point, Medusa."

"See what I mean?"

Athena grins, "I am 
still going in."

Medusa scowls, "Fine, 
then I am coming 
with you."

"Why do you even care,
Medusa?  It is only pain
I have caused you."

"Because if you die,
I want to be 
the one who kills you."

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