THE MATH: (Venus + Scorpio) TRINE (Pisces + Neptune) = Tails + Tales


Medusa and Athena sit

on the floor, before a curtain

of stripped fabric…

"So, how will you 
weave the tales, this Time?"
Medusa questions.

"One by One."

"No more 
Moon Batches?"

I will hold One 
tail at a Time.
It is how I will
contain them, and myself.
Playgrounds do well
with the occasional
structure to play on."

"How did you
choose this Tale, 

"I did not, the Good-
Will Wishing Well did.
This was the only
combination I could find,
that seemed like it might
produce enough weave
to tell a story, in 3
foot-diameter, that my eyes
wanted to eat."

"So, what kind of tail 
is it, Athena?"

"I was not sure
when I noticed it, but
 I've arranged it 
to be an Island 
Tale, see?"

"I don't see it."

"You see it, you just
have not noticed it 
yet.  You are not
thinking circularly.
A braided rug, is
like a record; Expression
strung together, in
a line, and then spiraled
tight, out from the first 
note; building.  The Weave, Here
linearly, will transition
from Left to Right, but through
the layers of the Spiral.
A Walker walks their Way,
in from the Ocean,
to the Heart of the Island,
and back to the Sea again."

"OK,"  Medusa states, blankly.

Athena sighs, "Later.
You will see it

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