THE MATH: (Pallas Athene Rx + Pisces) INCONJUNCT (Mars + Libra) = HOW do you DO?


Athena soaks

rice and mung,
in a bowl…
"What are you 
doing, Athena?"

"I am making a batch 
of kitchari, Medusa."


"You have never woven
before, Medusa."


"So what do you know
about trance states,
and self-hypnosis?
We are going to be
weaving, for a third
of the year; For hours,
in routinized making,
and meditative contemplation.
We can't just wing it.
This is serious."

"It is also totally
just, like, so fun though."

"Will you just
indulge me, and hold
both?  Trust me.
You are about to choose
to spend hours on hours
in an intimate relationship
with a symbol we call
a spiral; Studying 
the signature of the Way 
our Sun moves with our entire
solar system through Space."


"So, shit is about to 
get wyrd, and I have
new rules for weaving.
The first rule is;
We remember to eat.
Coffee and chocolate,
is not enough, to weave
a portal, and maintain your mind
and body, simultaneously.
Kitchari is nourishing
and low maintenance,
to prepare and to digest.
You eat it, every day,
twice a day, or I am
kicking you off the island."

"But its just mush."

"It's Magick Mush, bitch.
Do you even understand
what is about to happen?
This Way follows the Universe,
the further you go, the deeper 
it goes.  Soon, you will
become entranced,
and it looks like madness
from the outside.  This is not
a game.  It is a Way through
what desires to die,
and what seeks to be born.
Use discernment, when you
decide what to hold in
your mind, body, and spirit
as you allow your scrying bowl
to take form.  What you 
consume or dream, 
mentally and emotionally,
is processed, but at first, 
 with form, not words.
  Those come later.  
When that bud opens,
it springs out,
all at once,
and powerfully.  It is
an awakening that only bursts
when it is ready.  You are
inducing them, over and over
  again, with spiral and trance.  
Once you reach it, you can do 
whatever you want with it.
You can become accustomed,
to popping in and out of it.
You will get out, whatever 
you put into it, catapulted
in any direction. So be
conscious of that."

"I don't know
if I want to do this.
It sounds fucking

"It is not for the faint
of Heart, but it is 
also 'like, so fun,' so 
eat the fucking kitchari,

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