THE MATH: Sun + New Moon + Mars CONJUNCT Libra = Kindling


The Sun and the Moon

show up, to the court of Mars,

early in the morning, to settle
a dispute…
Sun: "We make ourSelves
         rich, by doing
         what we Love."

Moon: "We make ourSelves
         deep, by feeling
         what we must."

Sun: "We strengthen our Hearts"

Moon: "-by soaking them
         like nuts.  We Spring"

Sun: "-our Light, by keeping the"

Moon: "-embers on.  It is possible"

Sun: "-you will build a Fire"

Moon: "-and no One will come"

Sun: "-for 3.5 billion years.
          You will be"

Moon: "-alone.  Make yourSelf"

Sun: "-rich, by doing"

Moon: "-what you Love."

Sun:  "Shine in the deep"

Moon: "-by feeling what 
          you must."

Sun: "Worry will not"

Moon: "-save you, or help"

Sun: "-to keep the Hearth
         warm, but eventually"

Moon: "-something Will 
         grow, in the ash"

Sun: "-between the Moon"

Moon: "-and the Sun."

Sun: "But for Now"

Moon: "-go within"

Sun: "-and bring with you"

Moon: "kindling."

Mars: "So is there actually
         something you need me
         to settle Here, or what?"

Sun: "There is Nothing."

Moon: "We just Love you"

Sun: "-and we wanted to 

Moon: "-say Hi."

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