THE MATH: Venus ENTERS Sagittarius = I’m Here, bitch.


Athena and Medusa

contemplate their creations…

Medusa speaks first…
"Now what?"

"I don't know, you
tell me, Medusa."

Suddenly, Venus pops
out of Medusa's scrying bowl
before them.

Athena scowls,
"WTF, Venus."

Venus glowers back,
"Beats me.  Last thing
I remember is saying
'Sexual tension and
eye contact, only!'
Then, I dove
into the Well,
in Scorpio, and Now
I am Here,
with your prude ass."
She leans around Athena,
"Hi, Medusa!"

"Oh, hey girl!"
Medusa squeals.

"You need to leave,"
Athena cools, as the clouds
outside darken.

"I don't know how
to leave," Venus
retorts, primly.

"You popped out 
of the scrying bowl,
so maybe you need to
leave by Way of Ocean,"
Athena suggests, guiding
Venus to its entrance.

"Why can't she just
 stay?"  Medusa asks.

"Venus is a distraction,"
Athena snaps back.

"I love distractions,"
Medusa is twirling 
Venus' hair Now, flirting,

"Your affinity for 
reflective, and shiny things
is your downfall-
-historically speaking,"
Athena weaves.

"Well I can't just leave
bitch, so get used to it.
Where am I sleeping?"
Venus does not wait 
for a response, and explores 
the house, opening all
the doors, in all 
the rooms, 
on the island.

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