THE MATH: Mercury Rx + Libra CONJUNCT Sun + Libra = Together in a Silence


Mercury writes

in his diary, about

his relationship status…
Would I have the will 
to publish, if I had a man?

Someone to confront me,
about how my day was,

over cultural, dinner
table agreements?

Would I be able to read
my words aloud there, if I

had a man, whittling down
my gleefulness, until wearily,

I stop sharing,
what blooms in my Heart,

because he sees it
as an argument; Shaming 

my expression of passion,
brought into the highest

form I have yet 
found.  I will

not give it up.
I would rather we be

Together in a Silence,
never speaking; Our lives

more about being, 
less about reading 

to one another, from
our own monologues.

I have so many words, always.
Language mostly helps us

understand ourSelves,
not eachOther.

But the Body, that is
always speaking.

Together, in a Silence,
you can feel two hum.

And as far as a man
is concerned, I am

most interested in that.

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