THE MATH: (Pallas Rx + Pisces) TRINE (Vesta + Scorpio) = “Hello, ladies.”


“Voi-fuckin-la, bitches,”

Medusa says, gesticulating

arms and hands into
the Opening…
"ooOoooh, pretty,"
Venus whispers, peeking over
Medusa's shoulder.

"If it works on Venus,
it will work of Sephy,"
Athena smirks.

"What Now?" Medusa asks.

"Why do you always ask that
after you make something,
Medusa?  What do you sense
could become Now, at this point
in your casting?"  Athena
asks back, exasperatedly. 

"Jeeze, sorry.  Now
we let it be, and almost 
forget about it.
There is no magick
to waiting around 
for her,"  Medusa hears
herself saying as they all
turn away from the Opening.

"Hello, ladies," Pluto speaks
from where he peeks
his nose, over the edge
of the dark part
of the Weave.

"What the fuck, Pluto."
Athena glares, grey
eyes cast on him
sternly, turning back.

"Oh heyyyy, Plutooo,"
Venus says, getting down
on her knees.  "How are you?"
She strokes his hand
where Athena tries to stamp
upon his fingers.
Then, puzzled, she looks 
around, "Where 
did Medusa go?"

"She ran into the bathroom
when she saw Pluto, because
she fears Pluto will take
her back to the Underworld,"
Athena replies.

"Will he?"  Venus asks,
looking the God 
of Death in the eye.

"No," Pluto replies,
"I can't really cross
the threshold of this
portal without permission."

"Vampy, I dig it," 
Venus winks at him.

"Okay well, Nothing
to see here, just some 
hot young goddesses
making shit.  You can
go home Now, Pluto,"
Athena prompts him,
arms to shoo him away.

"Well you can't exactly
make me.  And Now, I am
kind of intrigued.
What exactly, is going on
Here?"  Pluto looks
around, curiously.

"How did you get Here,
Pluto?" arms crossed,
Athena inquires of him.

Pluto states his sequence 
of events, factually, "I came 
up here because
bits of black thread were
floating down from the ceiling
and then, there was a 
Lightening.  I thought, perhaps
Persephone was coming
Home, after All.  I came
up Here, to, you know, See."

"Sorry, buddy, she is not
coming Home," Medusa touches 
his arm, lightly.

"How do you know?"
he looks into her 
eyes.  He asks her

"It is just the Way
it is not,"
Medusa shrugs, whispering.
"Why did the portal
summon you, and not 
her?" Medusa asks him.

He shifts into a smile Now,
"You made a symbol
of Yang."

"No I didn't," 
Medusa's brow furrows
in protest, "Look
at this entrance!
It's pink, and dark,
and soft.  It is
Yin, if I ever saw it."

"It is a symbol
of the Dark in the Light.
Everyone always gets this 
wrong.  Summoning is 
about inversion.  If you
want to meet me, bring the Yang
to the Edge of Yin, as you
did Here," Pluto gestures
to the weaving he is
rising from,
"From my realm, the Darkness
opened, and Light poured
in.  I am the Dark
in the Light.  My wife
is the Light in the Dark.
If you want to catch her,
make a gateway,
like a Star."

"I'm not doing
your dirty work
for you, Pluto,"
Medusa glares at him.

"Like I said, I can't
leave my portal, without
permission.  Even if you 
summon her, I cannot
touch her, unless 
she comes into it,"
Pluto says.

Athena stares at him
for a second, and then
she says, " Can we 
have a rule, where,
if you stay here,
in your little hole,
you stop speaking?"

"Why can't Pluto speak?"
Venus pouts.

"Because he plants hypnotic
seeds, with every breath
he breathes, and it is
getting awfully crowded
on this island, and MAYBE
we should just let
Persephone breathe," Athena
seethes, barely softening
the edge in her speech.

Medusa, Venus, and Pluto
stand in a triangle 
around Athena.  They look
to eachOther.  No one speaks.
Then finally, Venus 
slaps her hands together,
"So who is making
the Star, and which Star
shall it be?"

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