THE MATH: (Lilith Rx + Taurus) SEXTILE (Pallas Athene Rx + Pisces) = World Walkers


Lilith calls Athena,

“Why are you
in the Garden?”
"I am not in 
the Garden,"
Athena claps back.

I just saw the pasture
on your Instagram 
story.  It took me
there.  I bore witness
as the sheep path
wound like a Faerie
trail, through it.
I know it, by Heart.
I followed it, to the far
gate, over the River
into the Forest,
through the Sleepy Hollow
past the Fern Opening,
into the wooded circle
I once made Home.
And then, I found
the Honeycomb Rug,
laid upon the leaves
beneath the slackline.
And FINALLY, I got spit out
upside down in
my bathroom, upon the only
talisman I carry
from that place."

"It's the glamour
of the Island, Lili.
Captured, in a screen
it shows you what you
want to see.  Unfortunately,
I am not in the Garden.
I am on this stupid fucking
Island, with Medusa and Venus,
and Death himself, and-"



"Death is Yin.
If there is a he-Death,
it is a subordinate."

"Pluto is Here."

"Right.  He is like
a babysitter, 
of the Hell realms."

"Are you telling me,
I'm in Hell, Lilith?"

"You seem to have
opened doors to it.
But no, you are someWhen
else, between realms.
Like hopping on ruin
rock walls, in a second
growth forest; You weave
in and out of boundaried,
energetic spaces."

"Will you come 
Here, Lilith?"

"Honestly, Athena,
I'd rather not.
It sounds crowded,
in the background."

"They're fighting
over who gets to weave."

"Maybe you should think
about calling in Arachne."

"She hates me for that
one time I turned her
into a spider."

"You are not who
you have always been,

"Who am I, then?"

Lilith shrugs.


"Oh right,
you can't see me.
I shrugged.  I have to go,

"Will you come Here,

"Invite Arachne to weave,
and I'll think about it."

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