THE MATH: (Vesta + Scorpio) SQUARE (Moon + Aquarius) = someWhen


Persephone walks the Middle

World, and whispers

to the streets…

"Believe in me
if you have Nothing

else.  Let me be
the Dream you walk

in.  Take comfort
in your Knowing.

I exist in the crumbling
world, you sleep and wake

in.  I kiss you
between the eyes,

and on each temple,
betwixt breaths.

I laugh into your Heart.
I cry into your tears.

I live, and die, and live
again.  I choose Life

for you, and for me.
I come bearing Water

through the cracks of 
Time.  Believe in me

if you have Nothing
else.  A flower grows


She sings the city a song…

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