THE MATH: (Mars + Sun CONJUNCT Libra) TRINE (Jupiter + Moon CONJUNCT Aquarius) INCONJUNCT (Pallas Athene + Pisces) = Strange Victory


“Alright Mars,” the Sun says,
stepping in as Judge,
"Defend yourSelves.  How
did you get Here?"

From her weaving room,
on the Island, Athena
turns the Mirror, to spot
-Light the Querent.

As Mars takes the stand
he pulls a poem out
of his heart pocket.
Mercury had handed it 
to him, as Mars walked in
to the Courtroom.

It is dated from last
February; Ripped out
of his own diary...

Mars reads...
"I am Here because my Daemon

would not fight me.  He let me burn
myself to sunken ash.  He said no
sorry and yet Nothing else to spite me.
He only became a wall
of darkened glass.

I am Here because I drank the Tao
enough times.  And often I would 
listen, in the bath.  In the words,
I heard he is the teacher; to confuse
not the student,

he steps back.  I am Here
because I learned I was
the anger, dousing herself
until there is 
Nothing left."
The Moon rushes up
from the back of the Courtroom
laughing and crying.  With
Jupiter beside her,
she bounces back, a poem
by Sara Teasdale.  
She serenades Mars,
as if he were 
the Moon herself...
from ‘Strange Victory,” by Sara Teasdale
"Ah yes,"  Athena smiles
where she is braiding,  
and listening.  "I know 
that One, too, Moonie.
But page 14, was When
I opened to it.  Perhaps
Advice to a Girl,
will fortify Mars 
as Well," Athena muses
and then begins,
a recitation to her
weaving room, not knowing
how and When the notes
will wave into Mars...
from ‘Strange Victory,’ by Sara Teasdale

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