THE MATH: Mars + Libra SQUARE Pluto + Capricorn = Scared


Pluto looks over his glasses

at Medusa and Mars,

sitting on the couch,

in therapy…
"So when are you two going to 
fuck?" Pluto asks them,
as they fidget.

"Definitely later," replies Medusa.

"We're really busy right 
Now," chimes Mars.

"Swamped," adds Medusa.

"Totally slammed," Mars toots.

"Scared," Pluto drops.

"What?"  Mars  jumps.

"You heard me," Pluto leans back.

"We're taking our 
Time," Mars defends.

"I'm conserving my sexual
energy for my creative
endeavors," Medusa explains.

"And you're scared,"
Pluto digs in.

"If you're so brave,
go find your fucking 
wife, Pluto," Medusa bites.

"I've been waiting
for one of you bitches
to weave her in," 
Pluto responds, blandly.

"Do it yourself," Medusa darkens.

"I'd really rather 
not," Pluto looks away.

"Why," Mars leans in,
"are you scared?"

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