THE MATH: (Mars + Libra SQUARE Pluto + Capricorn) OPPOSITE Eris + Aries = Fuck That


Mars calls Eris…

"Why don't you date, Eris?" Mars asks.

"I do date, but, the Poetry
cock-blocks me," she states,
matter of fact.

"What?" Mars asks?

"The boys like the poems,
until they decide
the poems are about them,"
Eris smiles, painfully.

"Are they about them?"
Mars claps.

Eris sighs, "The poems 
are about the macrocosm 

"You could just stop
publishing them," Mars shrugs.

"So I should stop
publishing my voices
so a man can feel comfortable
loving me?" Eris asks.

"Yes?" Mars wavers.

"No, fuck that."

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