THE MATH: (White Moon + Capricorn) TRINE (Uranus + Taurus) = Heartopia


Selena writes

in her diary.

Uranus leaks it…

"I have a Garden, 
in my Heart.  It blooms
with Endlessness.

That is how I know
I am following the Way.
I cannot share it

with anyone.  I can
only point, and say
"Look!  Do you see?

Can you see it, Now?"
People see all
kinds of things,

in my Garden.
We turn the canvas
all kinds of Ways.

"Now, it's a bird!"
"Now, it's a dick!"
50% of the Time,

it is a tree.
There is a Garden
in my Heart.  I am

lucky to have it.
It blooms forever,
and never tires of me."

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