THE MATH: (Moon + Lilith + Gemini) OPPOSITE (Venus + Sagittarius) = Cup Love


Venus, Lunita, and Lilith

lay on their bellies,

hands under chins, in sleeping

bags, in a triangle,

in a dream…

"What was it like,
waking up in 
the Garden, Lilith?"
asks the Moon.

"It was slow," Lilith responds.
"Hazy and bubbling,
like a song underwater."

"What woke you?" Venus asks.

"You, bitch," Lilith snaps.

"I don't remember 
waking you up," Venus
defends herself,
brow furrowed, puzzled.

Lilith sighs, "Let me
remind you, how 
you did it..."

…Lilith’s Waking…

"I most want a Lover 
when I am listening.
When the day fills up 
with chirps, or crickets;

rushing brook, or pouring
rain.  When the Night is

thick, with other people's
laughter, crackling

Fire, and frog song.
When the hay rustles

in the loft, and the sheep
are steadily munching

grain, below.  When
the Forest creaks,

and cackles with bare
branches over dampening

snow.  It soothes me
when sound can hold me,

and it enlivens an impulse
to rest, in some body else's

arms.  It has been so long,
the pull for a lover

is just kind of 
this vague urge

to silently cup
Love, as my own Heart


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