THE MATH: (GRAND WATER TRINE Moon + Vesta + Neptune Rx) SQUARE Venus + Sagittarius) = I do not know


Vesta and Venus play

cats-cradle, on the island….

"How did you get here, Vesta?"
Venus asks.  Vesta shrugs,
"I told you, I was wandering."

"Yes, but why did you 
choose to enter the Stargate,
not knowing where

it leads?" Venus pries.
Vesta sighs, and glances
at the Stargate, remembering

a writing from her
diary, last January. 
She speaks it...


'What are your visions 
for the future?' the Astrologer 
asks us.  I ask mySelves 
with my Heart’s eyes. 

I feel so empty 
of everything I have ever 
been, that I no longer 
know what I want, and most 

days, I do not want 
anything but a vague idea 
of growth, and, sharing 
what Love we can make 

here, in a crumbling, passing 
wisdoms between us, like seeds.
My future is a blank 
road with no signposts.  I look
to the Stars.  More than anything, 
I want to know them better, but 
Earth-bound as I am, I must assess, 
what is it that I have

to offer? Who can I not 
bear to be far from?  And who 
can I bear to be close to?
Am I a watering hole?  

Am I a Well from which others 
drink? And what does it mean, 
to be that?  I see this world 
is ending, and everyone is 

caught up in different 
levels of delusion, 
and carrying on.  I do not 
live there. I have not 

lived there for many moons, but 
I also do not have the Heart 
to tell them they are wasting 
Time.  I know no better 

than they, what to do next.
And it is not my place to say. 
It only ever gets me into trouble, 
anyways.  It is why I am Here 

Now, on the Edge of Time, alone. 
But I know I cannot stay this Way 
for alWays.  As much as I 
will not deny the entropy 

of our society, the Stars say 
I may no longer be alone 
forever.  And so I watch, 
and wait."

Venus stares at the cradle,

for a long moment. She plucks

two strings, and weaves

her fingers into the pattern,

new, as Vesta lets go…

"And so now you are Here, 
with the rest of us,"
Venus says, when she looks up.

Vesta smiles into her 
face, "And so Now I am 
Here, with you, Love."
Vesta sings to Venus, “I will follow you”

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