THE MATH: (Sun + Scorpio) TRINE (Pallas Athene + Pisces) = Blues Clues


“Athena, ew, gross,

stop.” Medusa says, as she walks
into the Weaving Room….
"I know, I am not 
really into it either."

"It makes me uncomfortable,"
Medusa scrunches her nose
at the Labyrinth on the floor.

"Sometimes it is just
like this, when you weave,
a Tale that is not your own."

"It reminds me of Blues Clues."

"Now I can't unsee that,"
Athena falls flat.

"Can't you do something about it?"

"I could un-braid, but
I'd rather just let it be
wabi-sabi.  Perfectly imperfect
I trust that it is
what the Walker needs,
for the moment."

Medusa cocks her head,
"It is confusing
to look at, that is
why it disturbs me."

Athena does the same 
thing, "It is the Heart
of an initiate."

"You are weaving
someone else's Heart?"

"Not on purpose.
I told you, shit
gets weird, when you weave
for too long.  You may have 
the 'perfect' color pallet, 
and all the bright ideas, but
you make a weave you do not 
understand, because 
the Labyrinth has its own plans.  
This Labyrinth belongs 
to someone else, and their will 
is strong," Athena says,
as she adjusts the braid.

"So who are they?"

"They are confused.
They are soft like moss.
They are strong like Water.
Life gets muddy, for them.
They do not know they are
a Water Bearer yet, but
they are meant to carry
Water, into the center
of the Labyrinth."

"How do yo know that?"
Medusa asks.

Athena shrugs, "I can see it."

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