THE MATH: (Venus + Sagittarius) SEXTILE (Jupiter + Aquarius) = Where TF is my Heart?


“You sewed that up

fast,” Medusa says,

looking down at the Blues
Clues Labyrinth.
"It is creepy to leave
a Weave open, for too long,
Medusa," Athena says, "Best 
to zip it up soon after 
you have sipped from it."

"You know, it's growing
on me. The more I watch it,
the more I want to
understand it," 
Medusa confesses.

"Same, but throw the uzumaki
in the Well, will you?
To contain it."

Medusa tosses the spiral,
swirling, like a disc,
upon the stack.
Suddenly, they hear
a woman, yelling 
downstairs, "Where
the FUCK is my Heart,

"Lilith, we've been
over this," they hear
Venus falter back, "I told you,
I don't remember waking it."
Then, footfalls on the stair...

Lilitu bursts into the Weaving
Room, angry-crying.  She scans 
the scene, going cold as she 
settles, on what she is
looking for, "What the 
fuck, is my Heart
doing, in your Well,
Athena?"  She asks
as she watches it

"Oh shit," Athena's face falls.

"How do you know 
it's yours?"
Medusa asks.

Lilith ignores her, 
"I told you the conditions,
under which I would be
summoned Here, Athena. You are
playing dirty."

"I didn't realize it was
you, I was intercepting
Lili," Athena defends.

"Also, no offense, but
your Heart is kind of
weird-looking," Medusa
blurts, unable to
steer clear of herself.

Lilith take Medusa in,
fixing her with her gaze, 
up and down, "Hmm," she coos 
softly, as she walks 
behind her, whispering, 
"Let's bind yours, next,
shall we?" Lilith's lips
brush, at the nape
of Medusa's neck.

Medusa gulps, "So!
How can we help?"

Lilith returns to face
them both, "I want
my ugly Heart back."

"I will not unbind this
expression.  This Labyrinth
is for an initiate,"
Athena states it, pitiless.

"Right, that's me.
That's my heart.
I'm your fucking initiate.
Congratulations, bitch.
Now unbind me."

"Prove it."
Lilith recites to her 
a poem, from the Summer 
of 2020...

"I Have Gone

full witch now.
I live over the River
and through the woods,
inheriting the Grandmother's

house.  Just an encampment
in the place I pray the best.
But it is haunted here,
in the ruins of my ancestors.

I am among the ancient
walls of my lineage,
so that I can be free
to be in the world,

of greater service, and
to heal the ghosts
in my blood.  I will share
what I can, be it

shelter or sunshine,
Earth, or my body.
I will come, bearing Water.
I have flowed over

the River, to dwell
within the Heart."

Medusa nudges Athena,
"I think she might be
telling the truth, remember
that bit you channeled, 
about the initiate bearing 
Water, and being all 
strong, and soft, and 
muddy and shit?"

"Jesus fucking Christ!"
Lilith exclaims.

"Do you know him?"
Medusa squeals.

"Oh my God," Lilith
grits, looking like
she might explode.

"Him I know," Medusa
winks, and puts her 
tongue in her cheek.

Lilith imploding, Athena 
intervenes, "Medusa!  Would you 
please, call on Arachne. It appears
we are in need of her expertise."

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