THE MATH: Venus + Juno CONJUNCT Sagittarius = Just make a new one


Arachne hangs, gracefully

in the doorWay, arms crossed,

shoulder leaning on the frame,

one foot crossed over
the opposite ankle…
There is Nothing she needs 
to command about her body.
Her slender limbs and fingers,
speak with their own intelligence,
"You rang?" She says.

Athena is sweating,
"Arachne, heyyyy,
long Time, no see,
am I right?  How
are you?  Thank you,
so much, for being Here."

Arachne says Nothing.
She does not need to 
speak.  She lets Athena's words
fall flat, across the Weaving 
Room floor.  The silence
is awkward, until Lilith
busts in, "Athena wove
my Heart into this
fucking Labyrinth,
and I want it back."

Arachne's eyes drift
around the room, and settle
on the rugs, stacked
in Athena's Well.
She silently absorbs
Blues Clues, floating
at the top, "There is
Nothing to do, about that,
Lilith.  This Heart is
old, you may not have it
back.  Weave yourself
a new one."

it is old?  It is MY Heart,"
Lilith fumes.

"Oh really?" Arachne raises
her eyebrows, amused.


"Did YOU weave it?"
Arachne asks.


"So is it really yours?"

Everyone is silent. Arachne 
walks her fingers along 
the edge of Athena's Well.
"Maybe this was your Heart,
once.  Maybe this was
your Heart, five minutes ago,"
she touches the Heart-weave, 
and her eyes cloud over, "But
Now it is something else,
outside of you, and you
have an opportunity
to Weave the Tale new
for yourself.  Take it,
and make use of this
foible, folded into 
the fabric of Time."
Arachne lifts her fingers,
wiggling them, as her eyes
clear, and she steps aWay.
She makes to exit.

"But how will I know
what my Heart looks like?"
Lilith asks, panicked.

Arachne gazes at her,
deciding from which mind
-door, she can meet Lilith.
She chooses, "It is not
as serious at it seems, Lilith.
Any Heart you weave is just
another story in Time, so
make one that YOU like.
You can alWays
make another."

Arachne glances at Athena,
"Good to see you," she says,
as she swings back through
the doorWay.

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