THE MATH: Mars ENTERS Scorpio = Underdepths


Medusa busts in

to the Weaving Room,

where Lilith is making

herself a new Heart…
"Lilith!"  Medusa screams.

"What? Jesus Christ, 
you do not need
to yell. I am right 

"Pluto wants to see you
in therapy,"  Medusa grins

"Fuck that," Lilith says,
turning away, to keep
to the weave.

"It's a requirement
of the Island.  Mars and I
had to go last week."

"You and Mars,
are in therapy?"

"Yeah, why."

"Nothing... I just,
didn't realize you were
that serious.  I came
onto him, at U's clue party."

"Well fuck you Lili,
I'm hopping the Stargate
for a date with him right now,
so back the fuck up 
off him."

"Medusa, fear not.
Obviously, you are 
the chosen one.
And it is better
for the both of us."

"Well, Pluto is waiting,
for you, on his 
little pink rug."

"Great, thanks."
Lilith rolls her eyes,
"I'll be there,
in a second..."

Pluto and Lilith lay,

head to head, smoking cigarettes,

on the labyrinth leading
to the Underdepths…
"So Lilith, are you
fucking yet?"  Pluto asks,
then takes a drag.

"What is it with you,
and prying into everyone's
sex lives?"  Lilith asks.

Pluto shrugs, "It's important
people know what they want
so they can let themselves
have it."

"No, I am not fucking yet."

"Why?" he retorts, blowing
smoke in her face.

She blows it back at him,
"You wouldn't understand."

"Try me," Pluto challenges.

"Have you ever fallen
off of a pedestal, Death King?"

"No, I live below
the garbage of the Earth,
but my wife has some

"Well, it fucking hurts.
I chop them down
like beanstalks, but
they keep sprouting up."

"Who is planting them?"

Lilith sighs, "The dreamers,
the drunks, the enthusiasts."

"What is so bad about that?"

"I'm trying to stop
dating my dad."

Pluto grins, "And how
is that going?"

"It is always the same 
thing.  'You,' they say,
'I have never felt
connected to someone,
like I feel connected to you.'
They feel safe.  They start
crying, over coffee dates
before we even kiss."

"And how does that
make you feel?"



"It has happened too many
Times, to unsee the reality.
They are feeling a part
of themselves they have not
been able to reach.  It does 
not have to do with me."

"Are you sure?"

Lilith shrugs, "No,
I am not sure of anything."

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