THE MATH: (Moon + Virgo) SEXTILE (Vesta + Scorpio) = Kill, Marry, Fuck


Lilith and Vesta hop

the Stargate, to the Library,

in Virgo, to answer the Door,

and steal candy from trick-


"Kill.  Marry.  Fuck.
Pluto.  Saturn. Uranus.
Go," Vesta says, making

a microphone, from a
twizzler, while they wait
for the next herd.

"Easy.  Kill
Saturn.  Fuck
Pluto.  Marry

Uranus," Lilith spits,
"You would 

marry, Uranus?"
Vesta's whole 
face scrunches up,

as Lilith's whole
face lights up,
witnessing her, "He 

makes me laugh, and
he is the only one
in this place, truly

doing what he wants."
"Why kill Saturn though?"
"To do us all a favor,"

Lilith bites, as her 
face turns out its light,
without hesitation.

"Personally, I'd rather see
Death dead," Vesta shrugs.
Lilith's whole face 

flashes with anger,
crisp like a snap,
"How many times, do I

have to tell you bitches
this.  Pluto is not Death.
He is her subordinate."

"But wouldn't you
want to marry all that
 Power?" Vesta asks.

Lilith shrugs, "You are never not
getting fucked by a he-Death.
I'd rather not give 

Pluto, more than that."
"You shouldn't fuck
your therapist," Vesta reprimands.

Lilith laughs, "Honey, 
Pluto is your therapist.
He is my friend."

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