THE MATH: (Vesta + Scorpio) SQUARE (Jupiter + Aquarius) = Impulse Control


On the Island, Vesta sits

in a crowded kitchen, scribbling

quickly, in her diary, over breakfast.
Athena sits down, next to her…
"What is your biggest 
flaw, Vesta?" Athena asks.

"Poor impulse control," Vesta
responds, without looking up.

"What is your shiniest 
facet?"  Lilith interjects,
as she slurps
a bowl of cereal.

"Poor impulse control,"
Vesta says again,
still writing, furiously.

"It can't be both,"
Athena protests, indignantly.

Vesta's hand freezes,
and she looks into Athena's
eyes, "Sure it can.  I am
a highly intuitive human,
with a raging root
system, digesting
my surroundings through
spontaneous artgasm."

"But hardly anybody
sees them," Athena protests.

"Good thing I make them
for me, then,"  Vesta retorts,
putting her head down again.

"So why publish anything?"
Lilith asks curiously.

"I am building myself
a library, and leaving a trail
of breadcrumbs," Vesta states,

"What do you mean?" Athena's 
brow knits, thickly.

Vesta sighs, and put her pen down,
"All of these stories are 
in little virtual
folders, organized by Gxd,

"So?" Athena asks.

"So it's easier for me
to compile Tales there, Athena. 
And my blog tends to attract 
middle-aged, white-male
psychologists. If I'm going to be
the dark-web's guinea pig,
I'll organize my psyche
for them.  Plus,
it's fun for me, to watch
the Gxdz meander through
my being, and observe
how personalities collect
themselves like silt, 
in the eddies
of a delta,

"Okay, weirdo,"
Lilith laughs, getting up
to wash her bowl. 
Athena sits frozen,
puzzling over Vesta.

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