THE MATH: New Moon + Scorpio = I Love Lucy


Lunita pops her head,

out of the Labyrinth leading

to the Underdepths, holding

her computer…
"Why do you think
Lucy despises you,
so much, Lilith?"
asks Lunita, her face
lit darkly by computer glow,
as she reads Lucifer's blog.

Lilith shrugs,
"He chose to watch me
grow up.  And he does not
like who I have become.
I have accepted that
I am not for everyone."

Lunita keeps reading,
"It looks to me, like
he wants to wear you down."

"Well, he is welcome 
to keep trying, but
I have surrendered 
to the pain of him.
There is no further
left to fall, into it."

"But he'll never stop
studying you," Lunita protests.

"That makes him the same
as every other man
who believed 
he loved me once."

"Do you Love
Lucy, Lilith?"

A sadness crosses Lilith's
face, "How can you not
Love, what wakes you up?"

"But you won't read
his letters, anymore?"

"If I read his letters,
I am letting him weave
himself, into my Garden
of Ideas, Lunita,"
Lilith explains,
"It's like fucking."

"So?" Lunita asks.

"So sometimes you have to
choose between two painful
pathWays, Lunita.  I Love 
myself, as much as I Love
Lucy, and I have decided
it is OK, to choose
the path that walks
aWay from him."

"But it will hurt you

Lilith nods, "But it will 
hurt me anyWay."

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