THE MATH: Venus ENTERS Capricorn = Samsara


Lilith drops her old

Heart, next to her new

Heart, and burst out laughing…
The combination is
surprisingly pleasing,
like jumping into cold water.
She lets herself be
held, in their unexpected

"oooOooh," Venus says
coming up behind her.
This feels good
to look at, like
positive and negative 
ions in an endless
conversation; Neutralizing."

"It is Samsara."

"I want to stand in it,"
Venus says, walking 
to the place where
the two rugs touch."

"No, don't!"
Lilith shrieks,
"We do not know
where it leads."

Venus disappears.
Lilith stands there 
blankly, "Shit."

Medusa walks in,

"What, Jesus Christ,
can you stop,
yelling, in my ear?"

"Athena and I have been
taking polls, sourcing
from the normies who wander
through the Temple.
They all like your old 
Heart, the most, of any rug."

"HAHA. Well that explains
a lot.  Athena, you wove
a Miracle.  Read me
the statistics."

"Well, there was one
vote for my Scrying Bowl,
three votes for Blues Clues,
and one vehement vocalization
of dislike for my Underdepths,"
Medusa says, scowling at her list.

"People don't generally like
eachother's Underdepths,"
Athena consoles Medusa, as she 
pats her on the back.

"You're just saying that,
because your ugliest creation,
is still more beloved than my best,"
Medusa flicks her curling 
hair behind her shoulder,
"Where is Venus?"

"Oh... She just walked
into my science experiment,
and disappeared."

"What do you mean?"
Athena asks, urgently,
unable to decide
if she is panicked,
or relieved.
Lilith points,
at the Hearts on the floor
before them.

"Ooooh,"  Athena coos
as she gazes at them,

"Uhm, hello,"
Medusa snaps her fingers
in front of Athena's face,
"We lost the Princess.
What do we do?"

"Nothing," Lilith
interjects, "There is
Nothing to do about it.
But I might follow suit.
Now that I'm done weaving
I'd rather be...someWhere else."

"But that means it will just be
me, and Athena, on this
stupid fucking Island,
again," Medusa frowns.

"Right, well, how is that
revenge coming, Medusa?"
Lilith teases.

"And me," Vesta says,
"I'm still Here."

"Yeah but you could 
wander into a Stargate
with your nose in a book
at anyTime.  You are alWays
kind of elseWhere, anyWays,"
Medusa quips.

"True," Vesta shrugs,
as she bites her pencap,
considering it.

"And me," Pluto says,
peeking his nose
out from the Underdepths,
"I am AlWAYS here, if you
ladies need to talk about-"
Athena flips over his rug.

"Okay bye!"
Lilith waves, and jumps
into the circuit.

Athena, Medusa, and Vesta
stand around, in shocked
silence, already missing her.

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