THE MATH: (Vesta + Scorpio) SEXTILE (Pluto + Capricorn) = Center Dark


Vesta Dreams…

"Vesta!" Medusa shouts
and shakes her awake.

Vesta's eyes go wide,
"What Medusa, please,
stop yelling.  When
you wake me like that,
I can't remember
my dreams."

"Sorry, but, you looked
like you were dying."

"No, just sleeping,"
Vesta yawns, and
rubs her eyes.

"But why do you look
withered?"  Medusa asks,
as she studies Vesta,
cocking her head.

"Because I am older 
than I appear to be,
and it take a lot of Qi
to keep this whole
Glyph in the Air,"
Vesta gestures from where
she lays, waving her arms
in the Air, indicating
the whole Island, and then
turns over, on the couch,
burying her head in a blanket.

"So why keep doing it?"

Vesta does not open
her eyes, "It is
a Calling, Medusa."

"Which means?"

"It is the hard thing
I can't not do."

"I thought a Calling 
was supposed to be, like,
fun and stuff."

"It is fun, but,
we are in the Center
of it.  The darkest part.
We are half-way through,
and I am a little weary,
just like everybody else."

"But I'm not weary,"
Medusa says, puzzled.

"You are a child, Medusa."

"No I'm not!"
Medusa protests.

"Okay, you're not,"
Vesta acquiesces,
"Just let me sleep."


Vesta dreams…

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