THE MATH: (Lilith Rx + Taurus) TRINE (Pluto + Capricorn) = Lucy is a koan


Lilith sits with her

back against a red brick

wall. She opens her journal,
to chart maps, lost in Capricorn…
There is still shame
lit in my body
when I think

about the Way
I took up the Master's tools,
and got cut.  And for some

reason, I don't really care
that anyone else saw
except for him.  Perhaps,

he watches me because
he Loves me.  Perhaps,
he watches me because

it is his job,
and he Loves it.
Lucy is a koan.

He cannot be solved
by looking at him, only
when you look away.

He is like a river of Fire,
rushing above my racing
Heart, along the length

of my collar bone, and into 
my fingertips.  He belongs 
uniquely to me.  So,

I guess it is 
up to me, if he

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