THE MATH: (Sun + Scorpio) SEXTILE (White Moon + Capricorn) = Sad Sunny


The Sun calls Selena

to gossip about Vesta…

"She never writes
about me," the Sun pouts,

"Don't take it so personally,
Sunny.  I did not exist
until last week!" Selena chimes
in, exuberantly.

He brushes her off, "But
I am the main event,
and she should write
about me."

Selena shrugs, "Maybe
she will, when you 
catch up to her."

"She only cares,
about where Venus is."

"Not true, she has 
established a strong
connection with Mars,
and Mercury, and some
other bitches too."

"Well what the fuck,
Selena!  You are not

Selena's voice gets low
and soft, in warning, "Sunny,
darling, you called
me.  I can hold 
space for what 
you are moving through,
but I won't be
your punching bag too."

"Fine, sorry Selena."

"She does not understand
you, Sunny."

"What's not to get?
I'm hot, I'm bright,
and I feed everybody."

"Yeah, well, you burn
the shit out of everybody too."

"It's not my fault
they don't wear SPF."

"The Sabian Symbol,
for your place in her
chart is, 'A square,
brightly lit from one
side.'  Vesta does not 
want to be what you
shine your Light on."

"You can't run from the Sun."

"Last week, she described
her relationship with you, like
a flashLight, shining on Gollum
after 400 years, in a cave,

"So she does not like herself."

"She is just very aware
of what happens, when River
-Folk become too Self
important, or too obsessed
with what they deem
as Precious."

"Well it hurts my feelings."

"Just be patient,
Sunshine, and play
the long-game
with Vesta, she's Irish."

"Freud says,
the Irish are incurable."

Selena grins,
"Well good thing
Vesta is not seeking
a cure, then."


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