THE MATH: (Mercury + Mars CONJUNCT Scorpio) SQUARE (Saturn + Aquarius) = Planetary Consciousness


“Why does everyone

hate me?” Saturn asks, Mercury,

as he sobs in a phone booth…
Mercury glances at Mars, 
as he sings flatly into his
end of the line, making it
sound like they have had
this conversation before,
"We don't hate you, Saturn."

"I heard what Lilith said,
and some Gxdz say she seems 
like she is not bluffing,
about attempting to kill me,"
Saturn whispers, frantically,
"Even Lucy called,
to tell me he overheard her
speaking to Vesta, proclaiming
she is at war with Time."

"Lilith was born in Taurus,
Saturn.  Her allegiance lies
with Uranus.  Listen,
Time Daddy, do not 
worry, about the gossip.
Lucy was born to stir
the pot.  Just use those hot 
Uranus clones you made,
as bodyguards."

"They've mutinied."

"Oh.  Bummer.  Well,
that's a you problem."


Mercury turns to Mars
and asks, "How long
will Saturn and Uranus
be squaring off, again?"

Mars looks at his tactical
diagrams and war graphs,
"Year will pass
like this, but
the pinprick is Now
at its sharpest,"
sighs Mars, as he
takes off his glasses
and holds the bridge,
between his eyes.
"Will you be swearing
allegiance, Mercury?"
Mars tries to ask, casually,
while his face is masked
behind his hand.

But Mercury's eyes glint
as he registers the lilt
in Mars' voice.  He responds
carefully, "In this battle,
I try not to be 
so ethnocentric.
I just kinda want Saturn
to do his own thing,
while I do my own thing,
and come together where
it feels good, to meet,
you know?  But Saturn
has ideas, about the Way
my life should be,
and he thinks I owe him
my Time, to listen
to him speak.  And he has a lot
to say, about the Way 
I should be me.  Namely,
he wants me to be
a mini-Time Daddy.
It is consuming, 
and controlling."

Mars nods his head, 
knowingly, "Dads 
can be like that."

"He's not my dad,"
Mercury reacts in a snap.

Mars raises his eyebrows,
"No, but he is
your Daddy."

Mercury stands up,
"Enough about me.
Listen, Mars, baby, I've got
a solution, to this whole 

"What's that Mercury?"
Mars crosses his arms
and leans back, swiveling 
in his desk chair, gently.

Mercury grins, "We will
flood their smartphones
with messages of Planetary
Consciousness.  Then Uranus
and Saturn will see,
they are just
attracted to eachOther."

"What's Planetary Consciousness?"
Mars asks.

Mercury spins Mars around
in his chair, to face the computer,
and queues up Brian Swimme,
on Youtube.  He whispers
in the blue glow,
"Watch this..."

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