THE MATH: (Vesta + Scorpio) SEXTILE (Pluto + Moon CONJUNCT Capricorn) = Self-Trickery


“So Vesta, tell me things,

about the Fae people,”

Athena demands, as she is
braiding, bored, still
on the Island...

Vesta is standing
in Athena's Well, mashing her feet
into the stack of Labyrinths,
as if they were grapes,
"We are experiential
learners.  We want to
do it ourselves,
as you show us
how, but we are
very hard to teach
because we have a lot
of Energy, which we tend to
express through our egos,
until we discover a Way
to self-regulate."

Athena nods,
"Samael says, you are experts
at Self-Trickery."

Vesta looks into the corner,
"Well we kind of have to be
if we are ever going to
find the Entrance of the maze."
She shrugs, and meets eyes
with Athena, "It's best
if we just break our brains
open.  For a while,
we will whine
that it is somebody else's
fault.  But two truths live.
We love riddles,
and making thirds."

"And then what happens?"
Athena asks.

Vesta closes her eyes,
and lays on her back,
on the Labyrinths,
in the Well, "I am 
in the process
of experiencing that."

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