THE MATH: (Lilith Rx + Taurus) OPPOSITE (Sun + Scorpio) = Helping


The Sun bursts into Lilith’s

bedroom, in a dream…
"Why are you in Capricorn
and not in Taurus, Lili?
You're not supposed to
be Here," the Sun yells at her.

"I can be wherever the fuck
I want, Sunny," she casts
a glance at him, "The map
is just a suggestion."

There is a long pause,
the Sun makes for the Door,
then turns back, and  with sad
eyes implores, "Who's side
are you on, Lili?"

"-Uranus," Lilith
responds quickly, already

"Damn it, Lilith!" explodes
the Sun, "You're too good
for this shit.  It is
disturbing the Family.
Just stay out of the square
between Saturn and Uranus."

"I can't not
do it, Sunny."

"You're sick,
you know that? Shame
on you, for having
all of these feelings,
and thoughts.
Just come
back to us.
Eat chemicals.
Get Well.
you Ever-Happen."

Lilitu looks him
in the eyes, "Sunny, as far
as the Family goes, I have
given up helping."

The Sun slams the door,
and leaves her 
in the room,

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