THE MATH: (Moon + Aquarius) SQUARE (Sun + Scorpio) = Earth Longing

from ‘Strange Victory,” by Sara Teasdale


Lilith longs

for the Desert, from the streets
of Capricorn…
In the Desert,
the coldest part
of the Day, is just

before Sunrise.
It is the same, Here,
but in a bed,

in a house,
I cannot feel it.
I only know it

because that is When
the heat in the house
turns on, and I have

been awake, an hour
already.  I Love 
beginnings.  I have

so many beginnings
to give.  I miss
the Desert.  There

with the Sun, at dawn.
It is safe(ish) to gaze
at the rays of the Sun

in the first minutes
of the Day. I'd plant my feet.
Cold, in the Earth,

I'd take him in.
It made me smile,
and see the Light,

in everything, the first
few minutes after dawn.
And as Sun rises,

you can orient yourself,
to how the Earth
that holds you, keeps you

with her, through the Day,
until the Sun looks like
he is falling Underground,

as the Earth pushes
up, beneath
your feet.

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