THE MATH: (Sun + Scorpio) SQUARE (Moon + Aquarius) = Quantum Entanglement


Vesta’s face glows,

in the computer screen, maniacally.

Athena glances at her, worriedly…
"Vesta, don't read it,
Lilith wouldn't like it,"
Athena says.

"Since When are you
scared of Lilitu?"
Vesta claps back,
"Besides, I'm not
reading Lucy.  I just
search him, and
read the headlines."


"To annoy him.
When he thinks I have
done something wise,
he posts "aphorisms."
He's all like, 'Good job
Fae-baby, Daddy's got
a lolly, for you.'"

Athena just 
stares at her, "You
really are hard to teach
aren't you?"

Vesta grins with a glint,
"Yes, yes I am."

"So what's the latest
headline, then?"

"He wants to know
if I really believe
I can read minds."

"Can you?  Do you?"
Athena asks, nervously,
shifting her feet.

Vesta observes her dance,
expressionless, "Most
communication is non-verbal,


"So I read people.
I see patterns, potentials,
and moods, and I am tone sensitive.
I can reach people, with a motif,
but none of it is any use,
if I am dysregulated."

"Well I really can read minds,"
Athena shrugs, and
flips her hair.

"Good for you.  I am
hyper-vigilant because
my parents were
emotionally unpredictable."

"Well, telepathy is real."

"I know it is,"
Vesta agrees, "But
telepathy and mind-reading,
are two different things."

"What do you mean?"

Vesta shrugs, 
"Well, for one, it is rude
to read people's minds, Athena.
And besides that,
telepathy is a quantum
Everybody's doing it."

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