THE MATH: (Moon CONJUNCT Pallas Athene Pisces) SEXTILE (Venus + Capricorn) = Pattern Speakers


“What does your world mean

Vesta?” asks Athena…
"It means all kinds
of things to different
people, at different times,
but sometimes you catch

a pocket, on a mutual
wave.  My kindest teacher-friend
speaks directly to my pantheon
whispering stories, as she

cradles the nape of my neck,
asking my body to receive
in a Way I can understand Love.
I laugh, or cry.  She sometimes

asks me, to tell her what
so and so, is telling me,
at different moments
along the journey.

We go wherever
it needs to go.
Together, women,
at the Well.

We, dakinis, mulching
hell.  We are deeper,
than it. She is Venus 
in Capricorn.

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