THE MATH: Moon CONJUNCT Pallas Athene Pisces = Neptune Pisces TRINE Sun Scorpio


“I do not want to do this

anymore,” Athena drops

the braid from her hand,
and weeps.
Vesta hugs her around
the shoulders, smiling;
closed lips, sad and sweet,
"You always say that
at this Point
in the Big Games.
Remember the first one?
You completely lost
your shit."

"I know.  Apparently,
I am still
recovering from it."

"Recovery is not
a thing, Athena.
You keep going,
consciously.  You hold
as much as you can.
You forgive yourself
for what you did
not see you were
playing in yet."

"Look who's talking."

Vesta just stares
into Athena, for a few

and then speaks,
"You take bites.
You digest.
You bite again.
You taste Life
the Way it is 
coming in.  You stay
curious.  And I will
stay with you, as you
finish, if it would help
to have a witness.

"That's a commitment,"
Athena furrows,
"Are you sure?
You may not make it
to Sagittarius, in Time,
if you do that."

Vesta smiles, and shrugs,
"Lilith says, the map
is just a suggestion.
We've never consciously
played ourSelves,
together, before.
Let's do it."

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