THE MATH: Moon CONJUNCT Pallas Athene Pisces = the River, then.


“Athena, have you thought

about just letting

Arachne make the rest
of the Labyrinths?” Medusa asks.
"You think she would
really do that?"

Medusa shrugs,
"As a Sorceress
you killed, I really
can't be sure how
she will feel
when she sees
your stupid face
asking her for help.
But I do not
believe the feeling
will keep her
from being Here."

Athena stares at her,
"Is there something
you'd like to say
to me, Medusa?"

"Yeah, why the fuck
did you kill me, Athena?"

"My father used to
tease me that
women do not 
sweat, and we poop
pearls, but first, he raised me
wild, in the dirt.  Before I grew 
breasts, he told me I was
something Precious,
because he decided
what a woman was,
and how dare I
have my own opinions
about what it means
to be created

"What does that
have to do
with me, Athena?"

Athena turns to her,
and sighs, "I killed you
to survive, Medusa,
just like any other
witch hunt.
Hurt people, hurt people,
as 'they' say."

"Athena, I was
your student."

"Medusa, who are you
Now?  Are you
Govinda, or Siddhartha?
You have a chance
to be yourSelf,
in Life, today.
Neither Pluto, Neptune, 
nor I, am any longer
in the Way."



Medusa slowly turns
and lines up the Labyrinths
to Capricorn, "Well,
I guess, I'll see you
ladies, somewhere in
the River, then."

"Bye Medusa," waves Vesta.

"See you soon, kid,"
Athena says.

Medusa disappears...

Athena turns to Vesta,
"We probably should have
sent a chaperone
with the teenager."

"Chaperones do not
necessarily equate to safety."
Vesta shrugs, "Besides,
Lili and Venus are already
wherever Medusa just went."

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