THE MATH: (Lilith + Taurus) SEXTILE (Neptune + Pisces) = Conversation Culture


Lilith walks

around her own hell

in Capricorn. She runs into two
Water Sprites, conversing.
"Dark Queen?" they ask,
"Will you give us
your two cents?"

...Lilith listens to their Tale,
then reads it back to them...

"So you're vaccinated,"
she points at the Pink one.

"Yes," Pink says.

"And you're not," 
she points at Green.


"And you chose this 
living arrangement, consciously,
through conversation?"

"Indeed, we travel
Well together, through
our tangential Universes,"
Pink says.

"And you got COVID," Lilith says,
turning to Pink again.

"Yes," Pink confirms.

"And you're basically
a Hermit," Lilith shifts 
her eyes to Green.

"Yes," Green admits.

Lilith considers it.
She walks
towards Green, and looks her
in the eye, "It is
your opportunity
not to play
a victim.  You made
your choices, just like
everybody else. This is
a depth you have felt
before, use it's Wisdom,"
Lilith looks Green, up and down,
"Besides, you look grounded."

She turns aWay, and walks
towards Pink,"  It is
your opportunity to rest,
although you have confessed,
stillness is your own personal
Hell.  Create something.
It will give you something
to do while you do not,
and plus, it is Mysterious.
You will have a symbol,
to talk Story with,
later, like a Darkness
that changed shape."

"Interesting suggestion,"
Pink says.

"Sure thing
-Oh, and ladies,
I really Love
the Way you are

She hands each Water
Sprite, two copper coins,
so they may walk
between Hell, and
the Over-River-World.

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