THE MATH: (Juno + Capricorn) QUINCUNX (North Node + Gemini) = Creativity is Self organizing


Arachne remembers,

who she is, and writes it down…
Creativity is Self
organizing.  There is Nothing
you need to do about it. In

my late teens, and early
twenties, I made it
my job, to teach people this

in as many Ways as I
could.  Mostly because it was
my sharpest, and only tool

for connecting with people.
In the dorm room I shared
with my best friend, we had

a clothesline, strung
between our sides of the room,
where we pinned the marks

of different hands, harvested
from "the guest book."  Everybody
left their mark.  It was not

a rule.  You just wanted to
do it, as I showed you Gregson's,
and flirted with you about

how nervous he was to
try it, and make a mark.
The first mark, is the hardest

part. "See," I would say
as I scrawled, anything,
unafraid to fuck

it up, "You do not
need to know what it is.
Let go of the idea

of good or bad.
It is just a happening,
and look how neat

that is.  What is
coming out of you
is a flavor

of your signature.  The more
you use it, the more
it produces, like a muscle

flexing to pump
Water from the

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