THE MATH: Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse Taurus = Trust & Betrayal

"I see the Moon,
and the Moon sees me.

The Moon sees somebody
I want to see.

So Gxdz bless the Moon,
and Gxdz bless me.

And Gxdz bless the somebody
I want to see."

-A Modern American lullaby.


…The Sun stands in the Sea

at Dawn, below the Moon’s balcony,
quoting Herman Hesse…
"We are the Sun and Moon
dear friend, we are
the Sea and Land.

It is not our purpose
to become eachother;
It is to recognize eachother,

to learn to see the other
and honor him for what he 
is: each the other's

opposite and compliment."

The Moon speaks not,

but she sends the Sun

a podcast, a song, and a scribble…

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