THE MATH: (Uranus + Taurus TRINE Venus + Capricorn) OPPOSITE (Mars + Scorpio) = Swamp Faerie


Lilith smells an Eclipse coming,

and remembers the last time
Venus was in Capricorn.
1/20/21 Transit:
Venus CONJUNCT the Native
Neptune in Capricorn


There is Storm on 
the Wind. Each breath 
is pregnant with the taste
of dampened dust, and
rain to come.  I come

from Water Country.  Below
Sea-level, my homeland sits.
I am a swamp faerie, more 
than anything else.  I come 
from Earth that is alWays

a little wet, with slithering
creatures, just an inch below
the softened crust.  I come
from Air that gathers clouds
of Mist in dewy pastures. I come

from ponds that steam in crisp
morning Sun. I once believed 
I could not live in Dry Country;
gasping at All the lack 
of Water.  But now I know

I am that which I Love, and cannot bear 
to be without: WATER. When 
I find her beyond my blood, that Will 
Forever be a blessing, and either 
Way, I am alWays


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