2022 Astrological Calendar

It was soul-nourishing to weave motifs
for Virginia Rosenberg's calendar

for the astrology of 2022.
I dipped my toes into the creative 

Waters of the dreams that are
dreaming we.  I am curious

to live into the myths we are
making to un-make together.

I see depth and discovery, eddying
in the harbors of the miraculous.

May we wonder with what is
speaking between us, wisdoms

passed like Fire
through the Flood.
You can purchase Virginia's 2022 calendar
through the link below 
in digital or printed form,
with options to attend
a forecast call,
live or recorded.
If you'd like a printed
copy of the calendar
mailed to you, purchase yours
before December 23rd, 2021.

Virginia's yearly calendars are compilations
of an incredible amount of Energy.  Be held
in the poetry of this handy companion

to the pulse of Life!


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