THE MATH: (Venus + Capricorn) TRINE (Uranus + Taurus) = Keep Landing


…Lilith just says it

"If I may not be
a woman as I am,
fine, I will become

a man," I said, but a boy
was really as close as I
could come to it.

I know it hurts
when it feels like
other people only want

to fuck you
or fuck you up.
We cannot go back,

and there is so much
more than the personal pains
of the past that our body is

speaking to us.  We are
in a planetary emergency,
and the process contains

emergence.  This is chaos
magick.  Fae babies,
do your things, yet,

I dare you to try
to inhabit your body, as it
pulses, currently.  Tap into

the physiology.  Feel curiously
the maps of the electric
veins.  You live Here.

There is a Way you know
naturally.  I am struggling,
just the same, to come

back, and back again.
I dare you as I dare
mySelves to keep

landing, and if it helps,
create talismans as touchstones
until you no longer need them.

You are Rock
Hopping into the Body.
See. What. Happens.

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