THE MATH: Moon + Lilith CONJUNCT Gemini = the stream I go a-fishing in


Lilith and the Moon

look to the Sky…

"Lili, will you
take us for a walk
around the Stars?"
Moonie asks.

Lilith smiles, and casts,
"Let us begin.

holds the Love 
and Death. Aquarius
holds the Work.

Crystal clear carries
the torch, Jupiter, to return it
to the the Dreaming Sea; Pisces

releasing tenterhooks.
Past Neptune, Aries cups
the Wound of What it Means

to exist, as it pops
and sparks.  Ashes will fertilize
the Heart.  Uranus in

Taurus sends out pulses.
They fuck you up, but
you can't stop walking

in U's direction.  From Gemini,
Destiny slowly settles down,
ecstatically onto him, where we are

Here, Moonie, dancing," Lilith
glints, and grabs Moon's hand,
turning her face to the Stars

again, "The interpersonal
Sky is quiet, in this early
morning," Lilith says, "Vesta sneaks

down, into the basement of Scorpio,
to eat cinnamon toast crunch
and watch Mars and Mercury

play Banjo-Kazooie, and Yoshi's Story.
She unconsciously bosses the boys around,
then surfaces while the house is still

quiet, at the beginning of Fate,
slivered in Sagittarius.
She slides the screen door open

so she can hear the Forest
that in Time will turn
into a book."

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